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Our Own Defibrillator

Last updated: 10.05am, Monday 25th September 2017 by

A life-saving defibrillator was presented to our home this week, which is also accessible for use in the local community.

The defibrillator, when used within the first three to five minutes of a person suffering a sudden cardiac arrest, can increase a person’s chance of survival from, what is currently, less 5 per cent to around 70 per cent.

After accepting the generous contribution from representatives from the Cardiff East Ambulance Service, who are based in Rumney, our staff received training on how to use the defibrillator correctly in the event of a medical emergency.

The device is very safe and can be used on any adult and on children aged one and over. It will not allow a shock to be given unless the heart rhythm requires it.

Our Home Manager Janice Evans, said: “It’s a great privilege to receive one of these fantastic defibrillators for use at the care home. We are told that most sudden cardiac arrests happen outside of a medical facility, and understand the vital importance of installing a life-saving defibrillator into our care home."

“We feel that the best way to protect against this potentially fatal condition is to ensure that we have one in a common and accessible area of the building and to have trained as many of our staff, as possible on how to use it correctly."

“Most importantly, having the defibrillator gives our residents and their families the reassurance that in the possible event of a sudden cardiac arrest, we have the correct equipment in place to ensure that the best outcome is achievable. We would like to thank everyone at the ambulance service for such a wonderful and generous gift.”

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