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Toddler Group

Last updated: 12.00pm, Tuesday 3rd July 2018 by

As part of a fun intergenerational activity, we are linking up with Acorns & Oaks - an organisation who run pop-up playgroups for the older generation to bring together people of different generations.

We decided to join the scheme after previously staging similar events at our home whereby our staff brought in their own children to interact with our residents which proved very successful.

Previous research has shown that when young and old share activities, the older generation showed substantial improvements in their mental and physical health. Children also showed benefits including language development and increased confidence.

The play sessions at our home will be half an hour where the toddlers and pre-schoolers are free to play with toys and books and interact with our residents. This will be followed by snacks and drinks for all before everyone joins in with some well-known nursery rhymes.

Janice Evans, our Home Manager said: "We work very hard to make Ty Llandaff a wonderful place to live for our residents and we are always looking for activities and events that improve their overall happiness and well-being."

"We are really excited about this new partnership with Acorns & Oaks. It's clear from previous activities we have staged at the home that our residents love interacting with the children, and they also like chatting to the parents."

"All the research points to the fact that spending time with young children can bring a new lease of life to older people, and I can certainly say that is our experience too."

"It is so heart-warming to see the children and residents singing along to the songs and doing all of the actions. The residents smile from ear to ear as they watch on and it becomes a room full of giggles."

"The importance of the group is that it helps to bridge the gap between the young and elderly within the local community. Our residents can now look forward to them visiting us every week."

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