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Family Visiting Pod Now Open

Last updated: 11.14am, Friday 25th September 2020 by

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this facility is not available at present – but please call us for more information regarding our approach.

During these unprecedented times, we know just how difficult it has been for families not being able to visit residents face to face. While virtual visits have been a fantastic way of keeping in regular contact, nothing quite compares to seeing your loved one in person.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce the opening of our family visiting pod which means families and friends can now visit inside our home for the first time in six months. The family visiting pod is located in our ground floor library room, which has been divided in two sections and comprises of a protected area for the resident and an area for family visitors, accessible from our courtyard garden.

As well as providing a private space to catch up, the pod is cosy and comfortable, and we can keep the room as warm or as cool as required. The furniture chosen for the visitors' area allows us to clean the room and furniture easily in preparation for the next visit. In addition to this, visitors are asked to sanitise their hands on arrival and departure, wearing a visor or mask at all times while within the home.

Our Manager, Lisa Christina, had this to say:

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer this facility to our residents and their loved ones. Maintaining the safety of our residents remains our top priority, and setting up the pod was also part of our long-term plan.

Having an internal room allows us to continue visits whatever the weather, while enabling us to maximise the number of visiting times each day.

It is not how we usually welcome our families, but we are working in very unusual times so to be able to bring back a bit of normality has been a great thing to do.

There has been much buzz and excitement at our home - our hairdresser has been busy cutting and styling a number of residents' hair ahead of their much-anticipated face to face get togethers!

As we can only facilitate so many visits per day (soon we will offer 4 to 5 visiting slots a day lasting 30 minutes each), we are asking family members to book in for weekly visits. We look forward to welcoming lots more families over the next few weeks.”

Family Feedback
“We had a lovely visit with mum this morning, thank you for making it happen”.

“Our visit was fantastic, it was so nice to see her face to face and looking so well.”

For up to date information and advice on visiting, please don't hesitate to contact us: this is changing frequently due to Welsh Government and Public Health Wales policy and our own on-going risk assessment.

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