One of Our Bedrooms

Luxury En-suite Rooms 

All our luxury bedrooms are decorated to the highest standards, and come with their own en-suite wet room. Each has a state-of-the-art profiling bed and call system, to ensure care needs can be met easily. We will always try to accommodate personal belongings and it may even be possible to take some of your own furniture with you.

Rooms come complete with full bedroom furniture, a profiling bed, TV, WiFi, and an en suite wet room. They also have their own telephone point so residents can contact loved ones at any time of the day or night.

Your Warm, Welcoming Room 

Our rooms have been expertly designed to create a safe yet wonderfully relaxing space. Lined with luxurious elements and fully equipped with access and mobility facilities, each room is the perfect balance between functional and comfortable. We aim to make  Tŷ Llandaff Care Home more than just a house, but a home; coupled with personal items and finishing touches, we believe we can achieve a warm, welcoming room for every individual.

One of Our Bedrooms
One of Our Bathrooms

Facilities to be Enjoyed by All 

We offer a wide variety of high-end amenities as well as a varied activity programme that our residents are encouraged to make the most of. Each of our residents has equal access to all of the facilities, activities and services provided at Tŷ Llandaff Care Home, without having to worry about additional charges. So, whether residents want a glass of wine with dinner, afternoon tea, a trip into town in our chauffeur driven car, or a facial, they can do so at no extra cost. Our facilities have been carefully and considerately selected to ensure they can be enjoyed by all.

One of Our Bedrooms
One of Our Bedrooms

Your Space, Your Way

Our beautiful rooms have been designed to equip residents with all they need to support their medical and wellbeing needs. From full bedroom furniture, a profiling bed, TV, WiFi, and an en-suite wet room. There are also ample opportunities for residents to make their room entirely their own. From bringing small furniture pieces, to hanging pictures and placing photographs around the room, we encourage residents to fill their room with things they love, and let their personality shine through. We want Tŷ Llandaff Care Home to feel like home for every resident, with bedrooms playing an important role; residents are free to decorate their space, their way, and really feel at home with us.

One of Our Bedrooms

What You’ll Find in Our Luxury En-suite Rooms 

Our luxury bedrooms have been carefully designed so all residents can feel both safe and comfortable during their stay with us. It is important to us that we offer a place where individuals have a space they can personalise, invite friends and family to and is somewhere they can truly call home:

Accessible En-suite Wet Room 

All rooms come with an accessible en-suite wet room, where residents can enjoy walk-in showers with shower chairs and a safe environment that has been carefully designed to assist those that need support carrying out daily activities such as washing.

Nurse Call Systems

A ‘Nurse Call System’ is available in all bedrooms, allowing residents to call upon assistance day or night, at the simple and efficient press of a button.

Niche Equipment

Each room comes with a Profiling Bed and Nursing profile air mattress’ which allows for the ease of access into bed. These types of beds are entirely versatile and can be used by all residents types to help aid all health requirements. Our set of niche equipment allows for a comfortable and easy way of living for all of our residents.

One of Our Bedrooms

Luxury, One of a Kind Facilities 

Our residence was designed to meet the needs of our residents. We want to give them the power to make their own choices and live their life as they see fit. Our staff continues to form personal ties with our residents and their families in order to fully comprehend each individual’s daily requests. Thanks to our broad choice of all-inclusive amenities and diverse activities programme, residents at Tŷ Llandaff Care Home can continue to pursue their passions while building companionships with fellow residents and staff.

A Specially Designed Care Programme 

Our team is made up of highly skilled specialists who understand the overall care and support residents require in order for them to be able to live their lives to the fullest. We work hard to provide a vibrant and stimulating environment for our residents; a space where they feel comfortable and able to enjoy a wide range of facilities and activities. Residents who require simple assistance with daily activities such as mobility or help with duties such as cleaning, dressing, or eating can be sure to find a number of qualified and dedicated staff members by their side. Our nurses are highly competent and available around-the-clock to provide medical assistance to those who are in need of nursing care. Our specifically designed care programmes create the foundations that allow residents to focus on living their life their way.

Our Team is Always Happy to Help 

The staff at Tŷ Llandaff Care Home is more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our luxury en-suite room, or any of the wonderful facilities we have. We invite you to contact us by phone on 02920 600 100 or by email at Alternatively, you can fill out an online Enquiry Form and a member of the team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. We hope to hear from you soon.

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