A Specially Designed Care Programme

Tŷ Llandaff Care Home provides excellent Nursing, Residential, Dementia, and Respite Care. Every day, our team works hard to help each resident achieve their full potential, allowing them to enjoy a happy and comfortable life.

We are a high-end, private care home with all the facilities you could ever need in achieving a rewarding lifestyle. We believe in providing personalised care plans in order to meet each resident’s distinct needs for optimum satisfaction.

Who is our home suitable for?

  • Residential Care
  • Nursing Care
  • Respite Care
  • Early Stage Dementia
  • Advanced Dementia
  • Post-op or illness recovery
  • Parkinson’s
  • Palliative Care

Please call us to discuss your care needs

What’s included in the fees at Tŷ Llandaff?

A variety of amenities and benefits are included in the fees here at Tŷ Llandaff.

We aim to make sure that every single resident receives the very best support they need, which means that a lot of the medical treatment you’ll need during your stay is included in the price. You will get access to the following services as part of the fees at Tŷ Llandaff:

  • Access to a GP
  • Access to a Dentist
  • Physiotherapy Sessions
  • Eye care from an Optician

By Your Side No Matter The Circumstances 

Following UK Government guidelines and making necessary preparations, we continue to work relentlessly to ensure Tŷ Llandaff Care Home is safe and secure. Our team places a high priority on the well-being of our residents and goes to great lengths to maintain a sense of normalcy for everybody. Our goal is to make all of our residents feel comfortable and welcome in our home, where they will be supported and cared for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Tŷ Llandaff Care Home will be there for you through these difficult times, providing residents with resources to keep in touch with friends and family.

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 2nd February 2022, care homes in Wales will no longer have restrictions as to the number of visitors per resident. In addition to this, you will no longer need to book your visit in advance to see your loved one and you can come at a time that suits you. However, we do ask that if your visiting group is of 3 or more people, that you contact us in advance so we can accommodate you comfortably. Adherence to testing prior to visiting will still be required and evidence of a negative LFT result will need to be given before entering the home. Appropriate guidance for using PPE must be followed at all times whilst visiting.

Prospective residents and their families are still able to arrange a pre-booked tour of the home either virtual or in person. For in person tours, all attendees must be double vaccinated and complete a rapid LFT test with a negative result prior to entering the home.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly. 

Residential Care

We create a welcoming and comfortable environment in which our residents can enjoy both group living and independence while avoiding the worry and effort of maintaining a household. Inside our home, residents have numerous opportunities to enjoy an active and suitable lifestyle with the help of our facilities and services while simultaneously receiving the finest quality of care and assistance.

Dementia Care 

At Tŷ Llandaff Care Home, we offer dementia nursing and care for those with low level dementia needs. Our nurses are highly-qualified to support our residents with this level of care and are educated in recognising when a higher level of support is needed. With all of our care services, we ensure that residents receive ongoing assessments to guarantee they are receiving the best type of care for them. We also work hard to ensure that each resident makes the most of every day by providing them with a varied activity programme which include dementia friendly activities.

Nursing Care 

Individuals with physical limitations, high levels of dependency, frailty, or in need of end-of-life care can be looked after by our experienced and dedicated Nursing Team. At all hours of the day and night, residents on the first floor receive the finest nursing care. With rooms equipped with specialty features like profiling beds, air mattresses, nurse call systems, we promise all healthcare needs will be met.

Respite Care 

Individuals are entitled to short-term respite care in our private care home, where they receive the best possible care at all hours of the day and night. Our person-centered approach to care means we look after our residents as a whole, allowing them to heal and relax whether they are recovering from a sickness or accident or simply need a break from caring for others.

Luxury, One of a Kind Facilities 

Our home was created with our residents’ needs and interests in mind. Everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions and live their life as they have done previously. The staff at Tŷ Llandaff Care Home works aims to build relationships with our residents and their families in order to completely meet their well-being needs. Residents may pursue their passions and live a happy life thanks to our diverse array of amenities. Tŷ Llandaff Care Home will make you feel like you’re part of a family, with a strong sense of belonging and the ability to see relatives and friends whenever you choose.

Our Team is Always Happy to Help

If you have any questions concerning the care services provided at Tŷ Llandaff Care Home, please contact us. You can call 02920 600 100 or send an email to info@tyllandaffcare.com, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. You can also use our online Enquiry Form to get in touch with us and we will respond promptly.