Cinema Room

The cinema creates an experience like no other, a journey into the big screen can evoke a plethora of emotions and memories that can’t be matched elsewhere. Our cinema room at Ty Llandaff Care Home was built with the purpose of mimicking the real-life sensation of being at the cinema.

We have the best films on offer, from all kinds of genres including comedy, romance, family favourites and many more. We will accommodate your personal favourites, we ensure there is something for everybody in our cinema room.

A Cinema Room Tailored to Our Residents’ Needs

Our cinema room was tastefully designed with our residents in mind for maximum satisfaction. It is the perfect place for residents to unwind on a regular basis and watch their favourite films on a big screen. We love to see our residents using this space, as it is a brilliant way to encourage reminiscence and for them to enjoy a gentle pastime in a group setting. Our cinema room is available to rent out if residents would like to spend time with those closest to them for a special occasion. 

The Perfect Environment

At Tŷ Llandaff, we value our residents’ comfort and wanted to create a fully functioning room for residents to immerse themselves in the cinema experience. To make sure this was fulfilled, we have invested in plush chairs that residents can sink into and enjoy films whilst being comfortable and relaxed. They have been carefully placed so that residents don’t have to lift a finger once sat down and have a full view of the big screen. We have the room equipped with cushions too, and residents are welcome to bring in any extras such as blankets that will maximise their comfort more.

What To Expect From Our Cinema Room

Our cinema room is a universal favourite amongst our residents, and we have equipped it with the best amenities to support this.

Enjoy The Big Screen Experience

In order to properly mimic the cinema experience, we have purpose-built amenities that create the best environment for our residents. We have a wide-screen projector with comfortable chairs and dimmed lighting. As well as this, there are framed pictures on our walls to show some examples of the Hollywood classics we have on offer.

Delicious Snacks

What’s a trip to the cinema without snacks? We offer a range of snacks for our residents to choose from. Whether residents prefer popcorn, chocolate or crisps, we try our very best to cater to all preferences. 

The Full A-Z of Movies

In our luxury cinema room, there are many films to choose from. Our film collection includes a wide range of genres including comedy, romance, black & white classics and more.

Luxury, One of a Kind Facilities 

Our residence was designed to meet the needs of our residents. We want to give them the power to make their own choices and live their life as they see fit. Our staff continues to form personal ties with our residents and their families in order to fully comprehend each individual’s daily requests. Thanks to our broad choice of all-inclusive amenities and diverse activities programme, residents at Tŷ Llandaff Care Home can continue to pursue their passions while building companionships with fellow residents and staff.

A Specially Designed Care Programme 

Our team is made up of experienced and knowledgeable specialists who understand the overall care and support residents require to improve not only their health, but their lives also. Our staff work hard to provide a vibrant and stimulating environment every day. Residents who require simple assistance with daily activities such as mobility or help with duties such as cleaning, dressing, or eating can be sure to find a number of qualified and dedicated staff members by their side.

Our Team is Always Happy to Help 

The staff at Tŷ Llandaff Care Home are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our wonderful facilities or any of the care services available. We invite you to contact us by phone on 02920 600 100 or by email at You are also able to fill out an online Enquiry Form and a member of the team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you.